• ERP for SMB ?

    Worried about selecting and implementing an ERP solution!

    E12 Express has pre configured templates to meet the needs of the Indian business environment. Implementation of E12 Express does not require skilled “ERP Trained” staff, our implementation and training methods   

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    E12 Express pricing policy gives you the flexibility to start with a very low investment and pay as you grow for your users and business complexities.

    Moreover E12 Express incurs minimal expenses and manpower overheads to run and maintain the solution.


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    100% Usage

    Unlike other ERPs where customers only use 60% functionality of the product and run 40% of their business outside the ERP and still pay a maintenance ransom for years.

    E12 Express ensures full usability of the solution, protecting your investment. 

    When you choose E12 Express you get to use it 100%

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    E12 Express grows, as your business expands. Be it more users, multiple locations, complex business process or new lines of business, E12 Express can meet these challenges even after you outgrow from a “SMB” enterprise to a “Large Enterprise”, without investing or migrating  to a new “Enterprise” solution.

    E12 Express can address your expansion and growth plans as simple as a flick of a button. You can add multiple applications, seamlessly without the headaches of migration.


Base Introduces E12 Express, created from more than 15 years of experience in providing enterprise solutions for SMB and Large organizations in the country

E12 Express is not just an ERP solution but also a productivity enabler that is equipped with a number of tools that not only make the ERP solution more meaningful but organize, facilitate and monitor your business to give you a distinctive business advantage.

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