Our Big Data consulting service helps you exploit large, diverse, fast-moving data to improve business performance through new insights improving the business decision making process and  predict more accurate and better outcomes.

Base offers a framework that accelerates the delivery of Big Data solutions. The framework assumes that you have multiple sources of data, some of which are legacy data stores while others are newer sources such as web logs or new applications.

Data is pulled from various sources for large-scale processing and manipulation on a traditional Hapoop infrastructure leveraging Hive, Pig and a number of other tools available in the BIG DATA ecosystem to manage the process and pipelines. The result is data that can be stored and queried in traditional databases with modern reporting systems.

We take away the complexities involved in processing Hadoop data and allow our customers to use databases and reporting tools already existing in their organizations and exploit their familiarity in using these tools.

Our extensive expertise in relational and non-relational databases combined with our experience implementing big data technologies, like Hadoop, and NoSQL technologies, means we can help you develop a reliable solution that enables you to capture and store big data to be used and analyzed at another time 

Our expertise on Big Data Ecosystem

  • Apache Hadoop 
  • Cloudera
  • Amazon Elastic Mapreduce
  • Apache HBase
  • Apache Hive
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Talend


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