Weigh and Dispense Module ( WDM)

WDM introduces electronic material management in Weigh and dispense areas and equipment management for the scales in that area, including calibration of the scales. It enables work order related material tracking for the W&D process and ensures GMP compliance as defined in the FDA guidelines. 

WDM helps reduce operator errors and deviations by electronically supported and guided workflows including plausibility checks and electronically parameterized specifications.

Since the weigh and dispense is an integral part of the E12 ERP suite, it ensures that the raw material and ingredients to be issued are based on the SOPs defined like FEFO, min shelf life constraints, purity, potency and others. 

This integration brings about significant improvements in efficiency, performance and an enhancement of the right-first-time factor for weighing leading to improvement in product consistency and reduction of wastage. It allows you to track any problems, determine root causes and meet mandated reporting and tracking requirement. 

The Weigh and Dispense module is an innovative replacement for the mechanical and manual methods used in the weigh areas of many pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic manufacturing.



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