Wow!! I dont need a PC

I am sure a number of computer users are having a “WOW!!  I don’t need a PC” eureka moment. If you haven’t, it will not be long before it hits you and unshackles you from your desktop PC, laptop and the back breaking “equipment” that you lug to work.

A few leaps in technology enhancements predominantly in hardware,software and communication has made it possible. Some of the major contributors are:

  • Abundant Wireless data availability
  • The Phone and the PAD
  • Android
  • Cloud computing


Abundant wireless ability                                                                                                                                              


The proliferation of wireless bandwidth through various channels, Wifi, Wimax, 3G, CDMA and now 4G is ensuring that you are connect to your “cloud” and enjoy the benefit to work and play from anywhere.

The Phone and the PAD                                                                                                                                                        


Iphone, Ipad and Android based phones have opened the flood gates for new ideas and concepts of mobile computing. These devices provide rich GUI, faster computing with reduced power consumption and have eliminated the physical keyboard .They allow you to “do more” with one device.

Business applications that make use of accelerometers, gyroscope, muti-touch and gestures will enhance the user experience. Use of Multimedia, location details and camera apps like barcode , face recognition, scan and OCR will change the way business applications work.

So why carry all your “equipment” with you when, all you need is a device that fits in your pocket.

If it is comparable with the best and not expensive- why should it not be used. Open source has come a long way. It is now a preferred solution in a number of applications.

Android, with the support of Google has provided device manufacturers an operating system that runs across devices. Being open source it provides manufactures an opportunity to improve and tweak the OS without large investments in R&D in development and maintenance of the operating system.

Android will give an impetus to device manufactures to provide better devices at lower cost thus encouraging the penetration of mobile devices in the near future.

Cloud Computing

Corporate are embracing cloud computing at an exponential rate. Operating on the cloud is getting more secure and cheap. With the “Pay as you Grow” option and a low IT maintenance headache - the cloud is luring startups and small business to embrace the cloud computing model faster.

Whatever I need is “out there”, and I can access it any time any place. I don’t need to carry it with me at the same time it is secure and becoming more secure.




Market trends clearly indicate that a number of PC and laptop manufacturers are re- writing their business strategy and are working on these mobile devices. The “Look like” manufactures in China are running full capacities to embrace the demand for these devices

In a reverse trend PC and laptop designs are borrowing technology from mobile phones and incorporating mobile phone features on the computer.

Who knows--maybe on your next business trip you’ll be able to leave that hulky ultraportable laptop behind.


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