Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry has a zero tolerance to defects. This requires that all components that attribute to a manufacture of a quality drug should also follow the strict regulatory compliance. This is true for any application software that contributes to the manufacture of the drugs.

With over 13 years of experience in providing solutions and more than 40 installations in the pharmaceutical industry, Base understands the nuances and the criticality associated with the industry. This accelerates the implementation of the solution. Our clients do not have to educate our consultants on the Pharmaceutical process. Our clients and consultants focus on leveraging the proven capabilities of E12 Pharma for their organization.

Base E12 has been validated under the strict norms of 21CFRpart 11 of USFDA in a number of our client installations within India and the Americas.


E12 Pharma
ERP for the pharmaceutical industry, where complying with the pharmaceutical process is a norm and not a “work around”.

Base Pharma CRM

Base CRM is not just the daily call reporting . It is a tool to increase the productivity of your Pharma sales force by  integrating Daily call reporting with

  • Travel management
  • Expense management
  • Special pricing approvals
  • Sales Rep Coaching
  • Line manager reporting
  • Campaign management
  • Sample management
  • Sales Force Help Desk


Incentive calculations
A solution built on E12 Rules to meet the complexity and perennial changes  of pharmaceutical sales force incentive calculations.

An integrated QMS workflow solution to track your incidents and manage OOS, CAPA, audit, SOP change and training needs


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