It is a challenging task to manage and monitor a large sales force. With rapidly changing business and competitive environment sales team are required to be agile and respond quickly to adapt to the changes.


Traditional “paper” based method of getting feedback, manually collating data and then trying to make some meaning out of the heap of paper will hold back organizations ability to correct their sales strategy and approach.

Base E12 SFA provides a rapid and a scalable model to implement a SFA solution.

E12 SFA is more than a DCR ( Daily Call Reporting) tool, it integrates the entire sales process for organization from planning a sales call to reimbursement of call expenses and  evaluation of the sale process.




Key Features

Mobile enabled

A true “any time any place” method for your reporting

Sales visit planning

Helps your sales team effectively plan with help of the planning wizard

Expense reporting

An online expense reporting method

Automated Expense claims

Ensure that the claims are as per organizations’ policies

Sample and promotional material

Manage your sample and promotional material inventory

Help desk for sales force

Address requirements of  sales collaterals, travel, special request.


A great tool to monitor key indicators of your sales team.

Extensive reporting

Large number of routine and exceptional reports for sales person and their managers


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