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Why use opCollaborationen and public instant messaging when you can use your secure collaborative tools

mSahyog is an enterprise networking solution similar to the social networking platforms but gives your enterprise control on the information dissemination within groups and departments of the company.

It also provides an instant messaging platform for your business, restricted to your employees ensuring security and confidentiality of your internal communication.

Take control of all your electronic documents by using the inbuilt document management system.

Base E12 Enterprise ERP document management provides a secure, rights based access to your documents, maintains versions and an audit trail of every event associated with the document.

Documents can be linked to ERP transactions providing instant access and retrieval.

workflowBase E12 Enterprise ERP Workflow eliminates the physical flow of your paper documents that multiple people need to review, sign and authorize

It provides an online transaction approval system based on real life business rules which may require multiple level approvals.

Get details of transactions on your mobile devices and approve or reject the request online in a simple, easy to use “email” like interface.