E12 Modules

Base E12 Enterprise ERP, is the latest offering from Base, a company known to empower Pharma Industry through its various software solutions offerings since 1994.

Aimed primarily at Pharmaceutical Industry (API manufacturing, Formulations, Bulk Drugs, Loan License Manufacturing), Base E12 Enterprise ERP helps companies seamlessly integrate various functionalities. The end to end solution has following salient features:

  1. Preconfigured Masters: Base E12 Enterprise ERP has set of predefined masters. (E.g. State master, Station Master, Currency Master, Site Master, Credit term Master.) This saves vital implementation time.
  1. Tax Engine: India has probably the most complex tax structure in the World. Base E12 Enterprise ERP uses concept of Global Tax Engine that lets user define Tax Environment to handle various tax scenarios. To make the process simpler, Base E12 Enterprise ERP comes preconfigured with 8 Tax Environments that take care of tax implications in sales and purchase transactions across all states of India.
  1. Charts of Accounts (Account Group – Subgroup – Chart of Accounts): Base E12 Enterprise ERP comes preloaded with Chart of Accounts that is refined to generate Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account as per Schedule VI. The user can add additional account groups / sub groups if required as per his choice.
  1. Number of preconfigured sites: Base E12 Enterprise ERP has preconfigured 21 sites: HO, 5 manufacturing (own and / or Loan Licensee), 2 warehouse and balance C & F. All the business rules and user rights are preconfigured as per the site. These sites can be reconfigured to meet the specific requirement.
  1. Ease of operation: Key information is available as drill down feature. With the right click of mouse, one can view details of trailing transactions.
  1. Availability of PoP Up menus: In order to make data entry enjoyable, Base E12 Enterprise ERP transaction screens have PoP Up menus defined on all important fields. User does not have to remember any codes and can select the same through PoP Up windows.
  1. Easy access to various reports from transaction screens.
  1. Role specific user rights can be defined for each transaction screen.
  1. Predefined formats for Sales Invoice, Purchase Order, Purchase Receipt, Credit / Debit Notes and vouchers: Select the one you like and start transactions from day one of the implementation.
  1. Real time stock valuation and Trail Balance is available. As a consequence, user can view ‘till date’ balance sheet.
  1. User Defined Validations: Apart from standard validations like avoiding duplicity of document numbers, additional validations can be imposed so as to meet specific business needs and controls.
  1. Data Filters: Filters can be defined user wise or data wise so as to extract information quickly. This is over and above ‘Search Assist’ feature available.
  1. Module wise period locking facility: Pharmaceutical industry observes the norm of different period closures for different functionalities such as sales & distribution, finance, purchase. Base E12 Enterprise ERP allows functionality wise period closing.
  1. MIS can be built on multiple account segmentation like Cost Centers & Analysis codes.

Base E12 Enterprise ERP maintains control through document hierarchy in all modules. It has the concept of mother – child document, thereby setting up stringent controls.