Working habits are rapidly changing and more employees are working out of office and using mobile devices like smart phones and tablets to conduct their business. The Enterprise can no longer define boundaries that restrict the usage of enterprise application based on in premise access.  Today the  

Mobility is transforming the way we work, perceive, and access information, that were otherwise not easily accessible in real-time, about a few years ago. Increasingly powerful mobile devices, mobile computing and the rapid growth of high speed networks are taking us to the Post – PC Era  faster than analysts had predicted.

Why should your business process break down or hit a “Pause” mode because your employees are not connected to complete the process?

 Base mobility platform ensures that all our enterprise applications are available to your employees’ to access and process information anywhere, anytime and move from a mindset of accessing a system of record to a mindset of a system of engagement.

Our Mobility platform brings about a remarkable improvement in productivity and turnaround times leading to greater customer satisfaction and improved profitability.

Our applications are natively available on Apple IOS, Android and other major smart phone and tablet OS. This makes it easy for our customers to roll out their BYOD policy to access enterprise applications.

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