Human Resource


  • Apply for leave
  • Type of leave
  • Duration of leave
  • Verify eligibility
  • Send for approval
  • Record the transaction

Recruitment Process

  • Initiate a requirement
  • Verify Budgets
  • Send vacancy for approval
  • Initiate recruitment process
  • Initiate selection process
  • Conduct selection
  • Confirm candidate
  • Approve compensation
  • Provide Employee code, email, user rights


Build your own workflows for appraisals from a simple KRA process to a complex score card process with 360 deg appraisal

Staff Incidences

Record staff incidences as per your corporate policies with a process to moderate the incident and provided feedback from effecting parties

Payroll Changes

Any changes to your payroll and special allowances like adhoc allowances, “off payroll” allowances and perks can be addressed by a workflow process that records and provides information for audits and historical information on the same.


Identify and initiate a training need for an employee, ensuring training complaisance for statutory and internal processes. Execute the training process, feedback and evaluation of the training through a workflow oriented system.

Ensure training adherence for statutory compliance and internal processes by automatically triggering training workflows.


Capital Expenditure

Workflows help you to streamline your CPAEX process. You can create complex rules depending on the nature of the assets and various other parameters. CAPEX request can be checked against budgets before moving them for approvals.

Asset Disposal

In a number of business verticals the procedure to dispose assets are very stringent and are governed by financial, statutory and environmental considerations. Workflows ensure that the processes have been followed and validated to comply with all stakeholders requirement.

Service Agreement and Contracts

Initiation, budget verifications, justifications and approval of service agreements and contracts are best addressed by automated workflows as they require cross functional approvals

Travel Authorization

Workflows ensure the approval processes have been adhered to and within the budgetary allocation. The workflows and be further integrated to

  • Ticket booking
  • Foreign  document ( Visa ) requests
  • Hotel booking
  • Local transport
  • Foreign exchange allocation
  • Integration to the HRIMS system

Expense authorization

Expense authorization workflows are one of the widely implemented workflows.
Complex workflows can be created that are executed by serial or parallel routing

Credit notes and Claims approval

Eliminate manual documentation for your credit notes and  claims process. There are a number of processes , checks and measures, and audits that cant be addressed by your ERP system. These business processes can be incorporated in a workflow system and integrated with the ERP system to ensure a closed loop.


Indents and Procurement

You can create complex workflows based on the type of material, location of usage, type of vendor, many other multiple criteria. These workflows can have multiple level approvals and can have serial and/or parallel flows

Vendor approval

Vendor approvals require a multi disciplinary interaction and approvals from various departments in the organization. These lead to inordinate delays or a “waiting queue” delaying further action on the process. Use Base workflow to execute your entire vendor approval process and record every step of the process

Product Master updation

Minimize duplicate or unnecessary products and item in your master. Incorporate a workflow process that guarantees that only those items that have been approved find themselves in the masters

“Panic” Purchases

Every organization has instances of “Panic Purchases”, when, items have to be purchased without following the documented process to mitigate a risk or avoid a major event in the shop floor. During these situations it helps to have a workflow based information and authorization flow to approve and document the purchases


Compliance to Standard Operating Procedures

With Base workflow you can reduce your paper based information flow and recording by building a electronic workflow of your processes. Base has tailored Batch Manufacturing Records workflows for manufacturers that want to ensure and comply with strict compliance demanded by the statutory bodies.

Quality Management Systems

Base has helped organizations build a workflow based QMS system that is tailored to meet their requirements. The workflow solution ensures a “closed loop” right from reporting of an incident, CAPA, change management and personnel training. Please visit our QMS section to learn more about our QMS solution.