There is already a stagnation in Sales Force growth and many Pharmaceutical Companies are  planning to reduce their Sales Force.

Physicians demand  updated and reliable information about drug indications and their interactions on human anatomy.

Historically, product detailing, through one way presentations, flip cards, brochures etc. had been the most important way ( rather the only way)  for pharmaceutical companies to communicate drug information to physicians.

Delivering an effective message in 2 minutes is a challenge.

This has lead to migration from traditional detailing services to an electronic & mobile channel.  Physicians & sales force can access  the information as and when they want at locations and time of their choice through e-detailing.

This medium also decrease  cost of information delivery  to a large extent.

eDetailing ensures that the right content is available and presented to the physician during the sales pitch. It eliminates the need of sending and organizing bulky paper based material, thereby helping preserve  nature in the process.

It is therefore imperative that pharmaceutical companies adopt e-detailing to help improve the way their top prescribers are well informed about the new products & if not instant but get a faster brand recall.

eDetailing logs when the message was played, how long it was played, when was it paused, when was it terminated and at what point in time  were queries generated.

This information empowers your marketing team to re-look at the message strategy and refine your marketing campaigns.

The DocVicinity™  feature provides the Sales Rep to view and locate doctors on his “call list” in the vicinity of his location and provides  him information to make an effective visit. DocVicinity can also be implemented to ensure adherence to a visit by mandating call visits to be logged only if the rep was present in the doctor location.