Powerica selects Base-ITM ERP Suite as its preferred ERP provider

Mumbai, India - Base-ITM ERP Suite as a product has been designed to support Medium to Large Business Enterprises. The Product has undergone several refinements over past 10 years, and now runs for many Customers across industry verticals like Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Food, Plastics, Chemicals, etc.

Powerica was looking for an ERP solution which would integrate all their business
Functions without having to compromise on their Unique Business Process. This was providing them a competitive advantage. This is best summed up by Powerica “We wanted a Solution which would run around our business and not our business having to run around the Solution. Base provided us with exactly this

It’s a known fact that there is an ‘American’ way a ‘European’ method and a ‘Japanese’ way of doing business, similarly we have a uniquely ‘Indian’ way of doing business. Quoting Mr. Nilay Sharma, Director, Base Information Management where he points out that “Base understands these complex and distinctively Indian situations, which are even more exceptional in the Indian Pharma Sector. Our Solutions are specifically designed to meet those needs.”

Spread across 8 factories and approximately 15 service centers across the country, with an estimate of over 800 employees directly benefiting, Base- ITM implementation seems to be mammoth task. But Five Sr.Consultants. and a support of 40+ programmers is facilitating the efficient realization of this Herculean task.

Powerica did not want to loose the strength of design and preferred a Solutions Provider who ‘OWNED’ the Solution and also implemented it. They compared Base to other Vendors who were mainly into Implementing of standard, ‘off-the-shelf’ packages. Powerica were looking for Reliability of ongoing Business Practice with Customizing of the Tool to dovetail into their present systems.

Powerica has chosen Insight the Business Intelligence tool by Base as a total reporting and analysis tool. Apart from being a value-add to the ERP and it will help realize the full benefits of a large information store. Insight thus promises to be perfect data mining solution for Powerica.

Base had the complete understanding of the software, and they believed that we would be the best people to map their Processes. Base has assembled a team of software analyst to help Powerica with the initial system analysis.

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