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Product Migration

In the current Internet scenario, various classic applications run on multiple networks. These applications could have been written using different languages like Visual Basic, Visual C++. For example, an organization would have different systems, such as an inventory management system, a bill of material systems, all implemented using various technologies available then for application development. These systems need to be integrated to form a higher-level enterprise information system for an organization.

To do so, application developers had to use technologies, which could be now called as legacy platforms. However, these distributed technologies are very tightly coupled to the programming languages in which these applications have been developed. This leads to problems in application integration if the applications have been developed using disparate technologies.

Base offers its product development expertise to companies needing to revamp or upgrade their software, cost effectively and competently from such legacy systems to current development platforms.

Services offered

VB, VC, FoxPro Systems to .Net, J2EE

Sybase Powerbuilder to Java XML

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