June 10, 2004
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Sansui Deploys Base Information's ITM ERP
By Amit Tripathi
Mumbai, May 25, 2004

Base Information, Mumbai-based ERP vendor, has outwitted none other than SAP at their own game, at Sansui India, by clinching a significant ERP deal.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Nilesh Kerkar, IT-Head, Sansui-India, said, “We initially evaluated SAP ERP as it was rolled out at our other sister concerns, namely AKAI and VIDEOCON. But due to enormous implementation costs we had to decline it and decided to go for Base Information’s ITM ERP.”

Tilak Raj Mehta, director, Base Information said, “The price range of our ERP depends on the business volume and on the number of locations it is being deployed. Thus, the license charges of ITM ERP for around 10 users would be approximately Rs. 8 lacs, whereas a 500 user deployment would cost Rs. 1.5 crores.”

At Sansui India, the need was for a customizable and scalable ERP, for roughly 18 to 20 users. Added Kerkar, “Around 80 to 90% of the ITM ERP already met our requirements, and the rest 10 to 20 % were customizable. In addition, the software and implementation charges together were minuscule against just the implementation charges for SAP ERP, that ran into crores.” The ITM ERP is being deployed by Base Information themselves for the head office and 25 locations through out the country since last six months.

The ERP interacts with an Oracle 9.2 database and is supported by IBM AIX servers. ITM ERP suite has distinct modules covering sales and distribution management, materials, manufacturing, human resource management, payroll, and finance and accounts.

SAP India when contacted for comments denied being evaluated by Sansui. Nagraj Bhargava, director marketing & alliances, SAP India, said, “SAP-India has not been approached by Sansui for either evaluation or discussion for the same. Had they contacted us we would have been delighted to meet their requirements.”

 Can local ERP vendors outsmart branded players?
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Yes indeed local players can outwit these branded elephants if they keep the implementation costs in control and also the licensing policies. web-based applications will also remove the client licensing and the user jargon.
Akshay Shah, ASIC Infotech P Ltd, Mumbai
27/05/04 13:21 PM
The trends are so. Unless the branded players sharpen their products with local flavour and follow process-oriented approach, their standing in the SME market is ruled out. Cost is another factor which is proving to be a big positive for local ERP vendors.
Sundar, Paramount Technologies, Chennai
26/05/04 15:00 PM

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